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This is a class blog for the Fall 2011 first year seminar "Science or nonsense?" at Dickinson College. - Explore our weird world

This website is mainly about weird things in our world, UFO’s, Bigfoot, and sea creatures. Oddly, whenever they seem to have a video, it says “removed by user” hmm….

This specific article is about proof that there is a yeti, but the author of this post says he is a “critical thinker and needs to have tangible proof” but he also claims that in his experience the yeti and bigfoot are real

Weathering Fights - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 10/26/11

A study funded by the Koch brothers debunks Climategate, but the cable news media doesn’t cover it.

Do you want to know a secret?

The “self-help” book The Secret has been flying off the shelves since it was written in 2006. Sure there are plenty of people that believe in the power of positive thinking, but Rhonda Byrne believed that it was about MORE than simple positive thinking. After all, what does a positive mental attitude do for you? It makes the universe bow down to you, basically.

Yup, it’s that simple.

Byrne argues that if you not only think positively, but also truly believe that you ARE (not will be) whatever you want to be, the universe will give that to you. Those who say that The Secret didn’t work for them are met by a very simple explanation: they didn’t believe hard enough. So, since there is no way too really disprove The Secret, why not believe it?

That is one very large Appeal to Ignorance if I ever saw one.

And now, my friends, you know The Secret.


Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature

If they won't contact you, contact us!

This is a website that offers to recreate an alien abduction. 

Looking For Lung Cancer With A Yearly X-Ray Doesn't Reduce Deaths

Now, a big federally funded study finds that yearly chest X-rays to look for lung cancer aren’t worth doing because they don’t save lives.


Local sightings of BigFoot in the spirt of Halloween. 

Climate change: The heat is on

"A new analysis of the temperature record leaves little room for the doubters. The world is warming."

Andrew Wiemert
 Appeal to Novelty Fallacy

Emily Lawrence

Slippery Slope

Zombie Apocalypse?